Getting Blazor

Blazor is an experimental project. It changes frequently and evolves rapidly. Therefore, it is possible that some content on this website is already outdated.

Getting the Blazor Bits

At the time of writing, a first public preview 0.1.0 is available. To get it:

If you want to build the source code and tools yourself, the Blazor GitHub repository contains a step-by-step description for building Blazor and the corresponding Visual Studio tools. Once you have built the Blazor tools, you can find a .vsix file in the artifacts/build folder. Install it to get Blazor in Visual Studio.

To verify your success of either installation approach, try creating a new ASP.NET Core Web Application. You should see Blazor templates in the New ASP.NET Core Web Application wizard:

Blazor project templates in Visual Studio

Get a Compatible Browser

All recent versions of modern browsers support WebAssembly. Check Can I Use for detailed information about availability of WebAssembly on desktop and mobile browsers.

At the time of writing, Blazor does not run in Internet Explorer 11 (see also release notes for version 0.1.0. However, this might change as there is nothing fundamental to Blazor that won’t work there (see also this GitHub issue).